Saturday, 4 October 2014

Aloha - At last!

Today has felt quite long - a six hour flight to Los Angeles..

We then had a five hour wait in the airport before our flight on to Kona, Hawaii (Big Island).   We were pleased to see the flight announcement..

The flight was very full and many of the passengers were competitors for the Iron Man triathlon which takes place here on Saturday.  There were easy to spot amongst the generally less lean and hungry looking tourists..

Kona airport is small and largely in the open air. We were presented with beautifully scented fresh flower lei to wear and took this picture (unfortunately under an orange light) while we were waiting for the bags to come through.

Once at the hotel - a short bus ride away- we made a second attempt at the photo but with very little light..

It is not easy to see but they are purple orchid flowers.

It is now 11pm local time and we have been awake (mostly) for 24 hours, so our exploration of the resort and the island will have to wait until tomorrow..

Friday, 3 October 2014

Salt and pepper anyone?

This collection of vintage novelty condiment sets - as many different kinds as you can imagine - has been donated for sale at the Bargain Loft.

One of my favourites was the postman and mailbox..  but the Capitol and Washington Monument (right of picture, above) were also rather novel.

This is only a fraction of the whole collection which comprises some 200 or more sets from all over the world.

In addition there is a wide choice of steins, just in time for the Oktoberfest.  These are the last few - the collection comprised more than 100.

Or you might prefer a 'Pigsville' figurine,

..or a glass bear..

..or a miniature piano (mostly containing a musical box).

Probably the most amazing thing of all is that all of these collections came from the same home!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Back across 'the pond'

It was time to head back to Reston today and in bright sunshine we took off from Heathrow and were soon passing over the West Country and South Wales.  

In the above photo we have just flown over the Severn - I was not very quick off the mark to take the photo, but one bridge is just visible.

In this picture you can just pick out Lundy Island, immediately below the wing tip.

Arriving back at Dulles, David was quick to spot a British Airways Airbus A380 parked up near the gate as we were taxiing in.

Today was the inaugural flight of the A380 on its new daily route from Heathrow to Dulles.  

Perhaps we will be able to try it out for ourselves on a future visit home...

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Just Rewards

Time to go back to the US and so tonight we are at the Holiday Inn near Heathrow, ready to catch our flight tomorrow morning.

As David has stayed in a few Holiday Inns around Europe and elsewhere he is considered a VIP guest and is a member of their Rewards Club.

Imagine his joy therefore when, on checking in, he was offered his complimentary chocolates..(visions of Marc de Champagne truffles...)

Imagine also his dismay when he was handed this...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Summer's End in the Park

In the Jephson Gardens in Leamington, there are signs of Autumn around the paths and the newly restored Victorian fountain.

One tree has been very heavily 'pruned' indeed...

A sign by the path says that the flower beds are being stripped this week and invites anyone interested in taking plants to talk to the gardeners.

Quite a few people had taken up the offer and were busy collecting and bagging up plants or cutting flowers.

The park has a good population of squirrels and an ingenious way of keeping them at bay whilst feeding the smaller birds..

The only problem is .. how to fill the feeders..

Monday, 29 September 2014

Settling in

The integration of the lovely Ginty into Lauren and James's cat family continues.
She can certainly strike a pretty pose and she is getting bolder in her exploration of her new surroundings..

One of her favourite places seems to be on the back of the sofa.  She is always ready to play and it is hard to believe that she is 13.

As the original owners of Lauren and James, Emma and Sophie have mixed feelings about their new companion.  

Sophie is on the whole fairly laid back - at 17 she has seen it all before.

Emma on the other hand sometimes seems to let her feelings show..

At other times she looks quite content -as here when she is testing out Ginty's igloo bed..

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Sundaes

A second visit to the ice-cream parlour in Leamington today, this time with Lauren and James to sample their sundaes..