Saturday, 30 July 2016

Flowers at Wrest Park

Looking back to our visit to Wrest Park last Sunday, there were some beautiful blooms in the rose garden and elsewhere.

Many of the roses had been flowering for some time and it was tempting to do a little 'dead-heading' as you passed by.  The individual flowers were lovely though.

Many of the roses were named, old, varieties from David Austin.

Others were from the local growers - Harkness of Hitchin.

Beyond the rose garden, a quite ancient wisteria was enjoying a second flowering in one of the walled gardens..

And these artichokes were in full flower..

Friday, 29 July 2016

More Celebrations!

This afternoon, Lauren, James and Theo came to see us all, having been to the park in Bath.  We played ball with Theo on the grass.

A snail shell was a distraction..

Later on he was in his smart evening outfit for dinner at the Green Park Brasserie - more birthday celebrations!

We enjoyed Pimm's on the terrace and it was great to see so many lovely friends and family all together for dinner.  

(David was there, of course, but was taking these photos!).

Thank you again to everyone for helping me celebrate!  

Back down to earth now and back on the diets..

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lovely Day

Today has been full of fun, laughter, shared memories and precious time with the family at Mum and Dad's.

So grateful to everyone for sparing the time to be here, for planning, cooking, preparing, taking photos for us to remember the day - and for thoughtful cards, messages and gifts from so many family and friends.

It is hard to know where to begin to thank Mum and Dad for sixty years of 'parenting' - for the thoughtfulness and kindness over such a time and which transcends anything that anyone might 'expect' of their parents. 

Just a few more happy memories and moments from today..

Thank you all so very much xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hydrangea Flowers

Mum's garden is always a rich source of photogenic material to share on this blog.  

Hence today - having failed to take the pictures of Bath that I had planned to take - I focused on this hydrangea plant.

I was surprised how many stages of development of the flower were to be found on one plant.

From the tightest buds the tiny florets grow and open, then start to take on their colour.

As if painted, the colour spreads and the flowers grow and spread out.

Then there is a full head of flower..

After many months and over winter, the flower dries and breaks down..

And finally, just the skeleton structure of the flower is left..

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

At Hatton Country Park

Before driving to Bath today we had a lovely morning at Hatton Country Park.

With animals to feed, tractors to drive and many other distractions it is paradise for Theo now that he is on his feet and able to fully explore everything.

For us it is the first time that we have seen him walking, running, climbing and scrambling about independently, so it is great to see but much of the time either David or I were hovering anxiously!!

Some things are still best enjoyed sitting down..

A lovely time!