Saturday, 7 January 2017

Let it Snow!


How we wished for snow during the time that the little family was staying with us!  


Today, just a week too late, the snow came and David took these photos on the trail below the house.


Once the sun came out the snow did not last very long, but it stayed long enough for David to capture some beautiful bird portraits (in between filling up the feeders between starling visits).






These bluebird photos in the late afternoon sun are my favorites..



Especially this one...


Friday, 6 January 2017

Robins at Stourhead


There are not many days when I don't take photos, but today was one such day. 


The last time this happened when I was in the UK, I borrowed some beautiful photos that my brother had taken at Stourhead.


Well, as luck would have it, he called in this evening, having visited Stourhead again.  It was a dull day so no beautiful landscapes, but he took photos of this beautiful robin (or maybe several robins, he wasn't sure).


Thank you, Andrew!


Thursday, 5 January 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like...




With the in-store bakery only just knocking down the price of the last few Christmas cakes and mince pies, the local branch of Sainsbury's supermarket is looking ahead.


It may still be more than three months away, but clearly it is time to start thinking about those Hot Cross Buns and Easter biscuits, before they sell out...


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

At the Air and Space Museum


From the beginning of our visit to the Air and Space Museum last week, Theo was impressed by all the planes.


Grandpa was on hand to provide guidance..



Family photos in the hangar and  under the wing of 'Blackbird'.


This looked a suitable size for Theo!


It was pretty busy but it doesn't seem so in this photo - you may just be able to see Theo and his Dad heading down the ramp.


The Challenger space shuttle is always an impressive sight, whether from above..


...or from underneath.


A bit of impromptu flying too!!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sunrise and Sunset


Flying in to Heathrow this morning the sun was just coming over the horizon, London was still lit up.


Traveling down to Bath there was thick hoar frost on all the fields but no photos.

The cold temperatures meant that the birds were busy at Mum's feeders throughout the day, especially as night approached.


A clear day and a beautiful sunset, rapidly changing colors and clouds..


Monday, 2 January 2017

Decorations Down!


As I am traveling back to the UK this evening, 'Twelfth Night' has come early - time to take down the decorations on our two trees and around the house.


Father Christmas, in various forms, seems to be well represented on the trees this year..



Lots of other assorted decs too..




Overall we achieved our usual 'dogs dinner' approach to decorating..



The train around the tree was new to us but was popular with Theo!


Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Day Goodbyes


Happy New Year!  I hope that it is a good one for you..


Today it was time to say our 'Goodbyes', as our visitors headed home after their extended trip.  


So long anticicipated, the Christmas/Birthday/New Year visit has just flown by and this evening the house seems very quiet as the little family fly home.


There was time for a few photos.  The photographer had an enthusiastic assistant..


 Then a little run around outside for Theo as the weather was warm and sunny..


Lots of fun playing hide and seek with his Dad around the tree..


Then a chat with 'Olaf' the inflatable snowman, who normally only comes to life after dark..


A lovely visit and many happy memories made and shared xx