Saturday, 11 October 2014

Big and Little Fish

One of the things that we have enjoyed most is being able to swim in the saltwater lagoon which is tidal alongside not only the beautiful large turtles but also some very colourful fish.

Our underwater camera let us down on day 1 which was very disappointing and so the following are images borrowed from the web of fish that we saw in the lagoon..

We will be sorry to leave but it is time!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Waikoloa Sunsets

We have been in pursuit of the perfect sunset and have therefore tried a few different vantage points on several evenings..

It is important to be prompt - sunset is just after 6pm and the light is quickly gone..

David's sunsets probably get the prize.,

Some of us had to resort to props..

..or photographing each other..

Waterfalls Trail & North Coast

Near the end of our trek our guide showed us an ancient Hawaiian field system which relied on terracing and diversion of water from the streams and waterfalls to grow basic food crops as well as plants whose leaves could be used for shelter and basic clothing.

We then walked across a bridge created in the early 1900's when the hillside was cleared for sugarcane planting.  The bridge carried a waterway vital for irrigation of the crop.

At one time Hawaii was a major producer of sugar cane and also pineapple - the Dole pineapple factory which used to be a very big producer is now a tourist location.

Leaving the waterfalls behind, our next stop was for a picnic lunch at a breathtakingly beautiful spot high above the sea.

On this part of the coast there are dense wooded almost rainforest hills and vallies right down to the water's edge.

It was hard to leave such a beautiful view but we headed back to Havi to change vehicles again and had some time to explore this small village.

Another huge tree which we now know to be a Banyan tree.

Quaint shops and restaurants.  Then we got side-tracked.. a date palm tree at the edge of the road and it's rather colourful inhabitants..

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Waterfalls Trail - Kuhala

Today we travelled north to Kuhala to trek over an area once used as a sugar plantation.  

Initially we drove along a very barren highway over lava fields..

At Kuhala we changed vehicle from an air-conditioned modern minibus to this all-terrain vehicle once owned by the Swiss army!  

It was also air-conditioned in a slightly different way.  We were advised to hold on to the straps hanging from the roof frame and try to avoid banging our heads on the metal bits!  Good advice as we headed up onto the rocky hillside and over lumpy tracks and fields..

Once on foot we headed to the first waterfall through damp and fertile wooded areas and open fields.  Guava trees were all around us - some unripe..

-and some fully ripe which we were encouraged to try..

The ground was slippery with yellow fallen fruit like this as well as the smaller strawberry guava which grows on bigger trees.  The guava is not native to Hawaii but having been introduced, thrives in the climate in this area.

The waterfalls on the trek were very beautiful as well as the plants growing around them..

At one waterfall we were all invited to swim in the pool beneath - cool water on a very hot morning..

No, of course we didn't - but it did look lovely..