Saturday, 14 November 2015

Meanwhile, back in Reston..

While I was in the last stages of my flight back to Reston this afternoon,  David was in the town centre enjoying the rather wintry sunshine.

He even managed to spot my plane overhead!

Earlier he had opened birthday presents on Skype with Lauren.

When I arrived home there was a pile of hickory wood logs for the fire waiting on the drive to be stacked up.

On the decking and on the lawn, we have just a few leaves to shift...

Friday, 13 November 2015

'Baby Sensory'

Today was my last day with Lauren and Theo for a while and I was very pleased to be able to go along with them for a Baby Sensory session this morning.

The session is divided between organized singing and action activities with a play leader - for a variety of babies from 0-13 months - and an opportunity to try out lots of play equipment in between.  

Theo was quite taken with the mini ball pool..

No room for us in there though..

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Crawling - around the corner?

Theo is keen to put together the necessary actions to enable him to move along the floor.

He kicks enthusiastically and today managed to lift his bottom in the air and then wiggle forward as it went down again.  

The move was rather like one of those loopy caterpillars.

I am sure that it won't be long before he gets the hang of it!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Getting a taste for avocado

Not everyone loves avocado - David is only a recent convert - past comments when offered it often featured words like 'soap' 'dishwater' etc..

However, grandson Theo has definitely acquired the taste - at an early age.

The quantity on the bib has more to do with my competence with a spoon than his enthusiasm for the avocado or for the pear and apple which followed..

Then a nice drink of water...

But of course it went the way of all things from the high chair..

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Goodbyes and Gruffalo

Today, sadly, it was time for David to return to the US.  I will follow in a few days.  

Theo enjoyed cuddles with Grandpa before he left and showing off his new sleep suit - with foxy feet..

This evening another new sleep suit, this time featuring the Gruffalo, a book character who is new to me but very popular it seems.

This Gruffalo sleep suit has its own matching hat - although the hat seemed to have been designed for a smaller baby!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Rail Journey

I had time to fully explore Platform 2 at Bath Spa station this afternoon as my train was cancelled and I had to wait half an hour for the next one.  Above is the view from one end of the platform looking back towards Beechen Cliff.

I decided to photograph the view from the other end of the platform too and this is looking towards Southgate.   The Christmas tree is up and ready!

Then a little further along the platform in the same direction - a view over the river and to the bus station - maybe a bus would have been the better option?

In the waiting room there is a poster with details of ticket prices from 1938 when a 'cheap return' ticket to London from Bath - available on certain weekdays and at weekends - was 22/- for first class and 14/8 for third class.

Also on display in the waiting room was this old photograph showing the front of the station and the Station Hotel.

I couldn't achieve the same angle without leaving the station but this is quite close, with the station on the right and the curved front of the Royal Hotel (as it now is) in the background.

The next station on my journey was Reading - a station that I did use on a regular basis whilst at University, but a few years have passed and it has changed a little..

I could still pick out the outline of the old building amongst the grandeur of the new.. but only just!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Birthday Celebrations

A wonderful family party today to celebrate two special father and daughter birthdays for Brian and Kate.

The amazing cake, made by Maggie and decorated by Emma reflected their shared farming life!

Twenty members of the family enjoyed a wonderful Sunday lunch together prepared by Maggie.

Then time to chat and play..

Theo was privileged to play with the Escor roundabout that  (Great) Aunty Maggie was given as a little girl - always a favourite with small children.

He also enjoyed cuddles with Great Grandma Vivien..

And Great Grandpa Gordon..

All in all a lovely day!