Saturday, 14 January 2017

Ice of a Different Kind


David visited the Village at Leesburg today, where an ice-carving competition was underway.


The skill of the carvers with a variety of tools including chain saws and drills was impressive, especially on a dull day with heavy rain and near-freezing temperatures.


After dark the finished sculptures were illuminated ready for judging (the following pics are borrowed from Facebook as David had understandably retreated to the warmth of the fireside by this point!)





Friday, 13 January 2017



Although snow had been forecast and there were a few flakes yesterday evening it was still a surprise to see a white landscape when I woke early this morning.


Once up I thought I may as well watch the sunrise and that brought a little more colour to the sky.


The landscape transformed with sunlight and blue skies..


Unfortunately both the sunlight and blue skies were short-lived - the snow melted quickly and the day was soon overcast.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Scars of the Blitz


This building, on the corner of James Street West and Milk Street in Bath was known as the Old Labour Exchange.  I remember it as the building where the WRVS was based - I used to volunteer there as part of community service organized by school.


This photo (rather blurry unfortunately, borrowed from the web), shows the building as it was until very recently - a rather modest, single storey and rather utilitarian facade, as befitted its original purpose.

It is a little hard to see but the walls are scarred with significant holes and dents - shrapnel scars  as a result of the Bath Blitz in April 1942.  

It was sixty years after the bombing raids that this rather humble but historically significant building acquired Grade II listed status, being the only building in Bath still bearing significant scars from the Blitz, to protect it from demolition.


Now, as this picture shows, the shrapnel damaged ground floor has acquired additional floors, apparently built inside rather than on top of the original building.  

Although attempts were made to preserve the building as a museum to remember the Bath Blitz, planning permission was given for development of luxury student accommodation and this has now been completed.  A plaque is due to be added to the building to record its history and honor those, including my father's mother, who died in the bombing of Bath.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017



There are signs of flower now on the early Hellebores in Mum's garden..




Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Reading Spa


Today I went to Mr B's Emporium of Books in John Street, Bath, to enjoy the 'Reading Spa' which David gave me for my big birthday last summer.


It was quite a treat - apart from room after room of fascinating books on every subject under the sun, the shop features cosy corners like this one where Amy (bibliotherapist) and I settled down in front of the fire with tea and cake, to talk about books!


After a long chat about books I had read and enjoyed/not enjoyed, Amy went to scour the shop for new ideas and I perused the books around me which included a series of shelves each featuring six recommendations from a variety of independent bookshops across the US.


One of these was the iconic and totally bewilderingly huge Powell's City of Books which we had visited in Portland, Oregon.  I took note of a few others too in case an opportunity to visit crops up.

At the end of the Reading Spa I came away with a Mr B's mug and a Mr B's cloth book bag, bulging with a great selection of books - some chosen for me and some by me - the only thing I have to worry about now is which one to read first!

Monday, 9 January 2017

David in Dallas


Another grey day and no photos so I am quite shamelessly 'borrowing' some photos that David sent last night of where he is staying in Dallas, Texas.


It is a resort hotel similar to the one that we stayed in two years ago in Florida where the inner courtyard was covered in with a glass roof but contained a lagoon, streams, fountains and mock-ups of old buildings.

Many of the rooms look out onto the inside space.


This resort also appears to have a miniature railway layout - perhaps a seasonal addition for the Christmas period.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

By the Fire


It was a grey, cloudy and damp day today but very cosy in the pub where we had lunch with Andrew and Jan.


Back at their house Teasel was enjoying their warm fireside.


Misty had her place in front of the wood burner but was on the alert for treats...