Saturday, 30 April 2016

Turtles Great and Small

At Meadowlark last Sunday there were many turtles to be seen in and around the water.  This drain in the middle of the lake seemed to be attractive..

Others were sunning themselves on the bank..

Or taking a swim..

Around the pavilion they were swimming happily with the large carp..

It was interesting to watch the baby turtles interacting with the adults.

One little turtle kept lining itself up to face a bigger (parent?) turtle.  Once in place it stretched its front legs forward and paddled them rapidly up and down as if asking to be fed.

It reminded us of the behaviour of a baby bird, but the adults didn't seem to be interested and just swam away..

Friday, 29 April 2016

At the IMAX

This evening we went to the IMAX theatre at the Air and Space Museum which shows 2D and 3D versions of major Hollywood films as well as films about the development of air and space travel.

This new version of the Jungle Book features a young boy playing Mowgli and  a series of very clever animatronic wild animals.

The IMAX theatre itself features a huge slightly curved screen with many tiers of seating.

It is certainly a different experience to a normal cinema!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

For Sale

On our return from Richmond today the 'For Sale' board was outside and the house advertisement has now appeared online, featuring photos that were taken by a professional photographer on Monday...

Now we just have to keep it tidy for the next two weeks until we move!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Magic Mirror

We are in Richmond, in the south of Virginia, this evening as David has a meeting here tomorrow. (I am hoping, weather permitting, to do a tour of some gardens which are open for Virginia Historic Gardens Week).

On our way through the town centre this evening to find somewhere for dinner, we noticed our skinny-looking reflections in a mirrored pillar.

So much easier than the actual dieting - although between us we have now lost the equivalent of nearly 20 bags of sugar!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Flowers at Meadowlark

There were a variety of flowers in bloom at Meadowlark on Sunday.  Although the daffodil and narcissi were largely finished and the collections of lilies and peonies have yet to bloom, there was still quite a bit of colour.

There were many clumps of phlox in a variety of pinks and mauves, all growing very close to the ground.  These seem to be popular in gardens too.


And another very pretty blue flower which I recognise but can't name..

Some very small native Iris..

Kingcups (I think) by the lake..

And a yellow poppy.

In the shade, a few lily of the valley..

..and another pretty white flower.

This curious flower - maybe a type of hosta? - was growing at the edge of the lake.

Monday, 25 April 2016

In the Hothouse

The weather here today has felt quite tropical at 28C and we are promised equally tropical storms and rain tomorrow.

However, these photos were not taken here but on a chilly day last week in Leamington Spa.

In the Jephson Gardens there is a large heated greenhouse known as 'The Glasshouse' which is full of tropical plants from all over the world.  It was created in 2004 by the City Council with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund on the site of previous glasshouses which were used to raise plants for the parks and gardens.

Apart from having a very pleasant climate and interesting and exotic plants to look at, the Glasshouse is used for educational purposes and as a backdrop for photographs when there is a wedding in the adjacent function room.

Some of the plants on display have their origins amongst the oldest plants on the earth and some, like this pink powder-puff tree are a little more frivolous.

They all seem to be doing well, though - particularly this one...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Meadowlark in Spring

Although most of the flowering trees, with the exception of the native Dogwood have now finished blooming, there was still plenty of colour at Meadowlark today...

The tulips were very bright and wide open in the sunshine.

These double pink tulips almost resembled the peonies growing alongside..

The sun was shining and the lake was bright with reflections of the surrounding trees and plants..