Monday, 20 March 2017

Monday at Meadowlark

It was a lovely sunny morning at Meadowlark but the garden was very quiet.  


There were splashes of Spring colour  around the lake. 

Some of the bulbs had suffered a little from the snow but most were undamaged.

The sunshine on the fountain created a mini rainbow.

Along the side of the lake are rows of cherry trees.


We had thought that there might be cherry blossom to see but it is a few weeks behind the blooms in Washington DC which this year is fortunate as most of it has not been damaged by the recent snow and cold.


A few of the younger and more exposed trees were showing some brown on the blossom.


In the shadier parts of the garden there were many different types of  Hellebore in bloom..







It will be worth another visit in a week or two to see the cherry blossom in full bloom.


  1. Some beautiful splashes of Spring. Shame if the blossom buds are damaged.

  2. Lovely pictures of all the spring flowers. Fingers crossed for the cherry trees!!!