Friday, 19 May 2017

That's not a bluebell!


On our way to Cornwall today we turned off the A30 to visit Castle Drogo - or rather for a cup of tea and a picnic in their car park as it was too showery for a proper visit.


The drive was lined with beautiful patches of Bluebells under the trees, but when I stopped to hop out and take a photo, the first flower I saw was this..


A very beautiful deep purple wild orchid.  There were a few of them scattered through the bluebells..




Oh yes and we made it to Cornwall - here is a beach shot..a little late in the day, the light was fading fast..



  1. Hope you both have an enjoyable time. Pleased you found some more bluebells!!!

  2. Showers? That's a shame. The sun shone all day here. Those are like the orchids we get in the bluebells.