Friday, 14 July 2017

Niagara at Night

We arrived in Niagara Falls from Buffalo last night in the early evening.  It was cloudy, unfortunately, due to the rain, which also meant that the river was high and the Falls extra noisy!

The Maid of the Mist was busy ferrying damp passengers into the area under the Horseshoe Falls.

As before, we marveled at the fact that it is possible to stand in safety so close to the rushing river and  the Falls and that there are wildflowers growing right up to the water's edge.

As it got darker, the Falls were illuminated..(note the very calm duck in this next photo)..

On the Canadian side, the hotels, casino and Skylon tower were all brightly lit, though often shrouded in the spray/mist coming off the Falls.

Once it is really dark the constantly changing coloured lights are quite effective.

Although the white light gives a very powerful look to the water..

At 10pm there is a firework display on the Canadian side of the river..

Try as we might we could not find an angle which enabled us to photograph Falls and fireworks together, but we enjoyed the show anyway..

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  1. Spectacular pictures. Is the firework display a nightly thing?