Saturday, 12 August 2017

Alaska Railroad - Anchorage to Seward

We joined our train in Anchorage this morning at 6.30am to travel to Seward.

The 'dome' style two storey carriage was great for viewing the scenery, as was the open area at the back of each carriage.

Breakfast was served in the downstairs dining car as we passed along Turnagain Arm - alongside the road that we travelled  yesterday to visit Portage.

Views across Turnagain Arm varied with the light.  A little more sunshine would have been good!

Nonetheless the light was quite beautiful in places and the views were spectacular.

The Chugach Mountains on the other side of the inlet were more visible than yesterday.

We watched for bald eagles through this area and were eventually rewarded with some sightings.

Here are two eagles in the distance in a tree - with a glacier on the mountain behind..

David managed to capture a closer photo..

As we moved away from the road and into mountain areas only accessible by train, the scenery became more dramatic and we started to see a little more light in the sky.

We had great views of huge glaciers as the train wound around the hillside.

The reflections of the mountains in the surface of Kenai Lake were very beautiful..

Arriving in Seward after a little over four hours, we walked along the edge of the water  to stretch our legs.

Many different boats were coming and going - this is a major port for cruise ships from Seattle and Vancouver as well as day trips into the Kenai National Park Fjords.

This plant is Fireweed - the state flower of Alaska which can be seen growing along the roads and railway and features in most pictures of Alaska in summer.  It added a little colour to this afternoon's rather grey landscape.


  1. It does look like a great trip. Is the train glass domed all,the way along? Are they all double decker? I can't see a picture of the viewing platform at the end of the carriage. Lots of questions!