Sunday, 13 August 2017

Kenai Fjords National Park

Today we took a six hour trip on this catamaran through the Kenai Fjords National Park.  At our starting point in the harbour at Seward there were some hints of blue sky in one direction  but also mist and rain so we were not too optimistic.

We were warmly dressed, dosed up with sea-sickness pills 'just in case' and had a full range of waterproof gear with us.

Our trip was billed as 'Wildlife and Glaciers' and we were not disappointed.. David took this photo of a Bald Eagle as we left the harbour, quickly followed by photos of sea otters.

It wasn't long - still in Resurrection Bay where the port of Seward lies - that we were treated to this amazing sight..

A huge Humpback Whale breaching.    Again these are David's photos.

The sky had mostly cleared by this time and we were able to spend much of the time out on deck - although it was rather breezy and choppy so it was necessary to be firmly anchored.

As we moved out of the bay into the open sea, new ranges of mountains and their glaciers came into view..

On board was a National Park Ranger and some enthusiastic wildlife photographers..

The glaciers were spectacular, especially with the sunshine to illuminate the ice and bring out the blue colours.

It was an amazing trip and we have so many photos!  Will share some more tomorrow.